Where travel writers stay when they go on holidays

Which hotels do travel writers check into when they go on holidays? That’s what Mark Hudson, a writer himself for The Sunday Times, among other publications, was keen to know, so he asked 50 of them (including myself) and published their recommendations, ‘Where travel writers pay to stay’, on his site 101 Holidays. I’ve been meaning to share this one with you for a while. If you’re a regular Cool Travel Guide reader, you’ll know (from this post and others) that I’ve been increasingly frustrated with user-generated content of the kind you get on Trip Advisor, and find myself looking more and more for recommendations by experts, so I was pleased to see Mark do this.

Ah, but you say, aren’t all hotel reviews in magazines and papers written by experts? Well, yes they are, but they aren’t always the kind of hotels that the experts actually stay at when they have a choice. Sometimes hotels are reviewed because they’re ‘hot properties’, newly opened, relaunched, or because an advertiser/business partner has asked for them to be reviewed. Pictured above is a detail from the sitting room at the Novecento, a hotel we stayed for pleasure, not work, when we attended the Venice Biennale in June – it’s not new and not ‘hot’, but it has loads of charm, is in a wonderful location, and the staff are some of the best around.