Campervanning for Beginners

Going on that great Aussie road trip and planning on doing it all? Making the wrong choice when considering which vehicle to hire can leave you missing out on some of Australia’s most spectacular scenery — or even stranded in the outback.

As part of the four month road trip through four states of Australia which Terence and I recently completed while researching guidebooks, we tested out several different 4WD vehicles and in our story Campervanning for Beginners, published recently on NineMSN’s travel site, we explain the pros and cons of each vehicle and how to decide on the right one to suit your style of travel and type of journey.

Essentially, there are two main vehicle choices for this kind of trip: a 4WD campervan and a motorhome. But while motorhomes are spacious and comfortable and allow you to stop anywhere and make a meal or take a nap, they’re generally 2WD, rendering many of the country’s most scenic bush tracks (especially those we wanted to tackle) off-limits to travellers.

As Terence writes in the story: “Any feelings of envy for those decked-out homes-on-wheels with onboard bathrooms would soon be forgotten as we passed them turning around at the start of tracks signposted “high-clearance 4WD only”. A motorhome may get you to the Blue Mountains but it’s not going to take you along the Birdsville Track!”

And we know where we’d rather go. Do check out the story if you’re planning on road-tripping around Australia.

Pictured? Terence putting the vehicle into 4WD in preparation for a muddy track ahead.