An invitation to come to Marrakesh: to learn travel writing among the peacocks and enjoy picnics in the olive groves

I’ve been so busy I forgot to extend an invitation to you to join us in Morocco for a week-long travel writing retreat at Peacock Pavilions, the gorgeous guest house being built in Marrakesh by Maryam, of the enchanting My Marrakesh blog, and her talented architect husband. We’re holding the retreat in early 2009, and as Maryam’s beautiful guest house is not yet finished, we still have details to figure out. But we can tell you that the week will involve lots of little practical lessons in travel writing (from research and note-taking to observational writing and creating a sense of place), with plenty of excursions around exotic Marrakesh to inspire you. There’ll be lots of time for writing and workshopping and editing your work in the company of the fabulous peacocks. And you’ll be looked after splendidly with tasty Moroccan breakfasts to start the day, picnics under the olive trees, and outings to restaurants in the evenings. And, yes, Maryam promises to take us all shopping. But the snag is I’m going to make you write about it. In fact, you’ll be writing about everything you see and do, so you’ll leave Morocco with a portfolio overflowing with writing, and lots of tips on how to get it published from yours truly. And from Maryam too, of course. Because Maryam’s story ‘My Marrakesh is Better Than Yours’ was recently published in Budget Travel. Take a read and see if it doesn’t make you want to book your flight right now. Watch this space for more details and dates, or contact Maryam or myself if you’d like to put your name on our mailing list. And don’t worry, we promise there’ll be lots of fun along with the hard work.